Cupkin Kids Cups -The Original 8oz Stackable Stainless Steel Sippy Cup for Tod


Size: 8 oz
Colour: Pink & Purple
Lid Style: Hard Lid, Standard Sippy Spout, Straw
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Sippy Cup
Features: Leak Proof
Brand: Cupkin

What’s Included?

8 Oz stainless steel cups – 2 quantities
Food grade silicone straws – 2 quantities
Multi-functional lids – 2 quantities


Sippy cup, training cup, (in American English), or beaker (in British English)are drinking cups for young children to prevent or reduce spills. Unlike open cups, sippy cups have a top that prevents spills and kids drink with a spout or straw. Some parasitic cups are actuated by surface tension which prevents the liquid from spilling even if the cup tips over, and some have valves. The glass is generally a mediator between the part located between the bottle or the chest and the open glass; however, some suggest that you skip the parasitic cut and go straight to the open cut.

You can chew when your baby is 6 months old and starts eating solid foods. The ability to sit up straight can control your neck, and your desire to eat indicates that your child is ready to drink.

To prevent tooth decay, experts recommend that your child choose between a bottle and a cup at age 1, and then quickly switch to a straw or open cup before her second birthday. Tooth decay can occur when a liquid other than water builds up around a child’s teeth for a long time, usually during the day. If your breastfed baby isn’t using a bottle and is ready to drink, she can skip the bottle and jump right into the cup or even the open cup; he/she doesn’t need to move anymore.

Here are some tips to help your child use the cup:

  • Start with a soft, flexible fecal fluid. This will be more familiar to your child than a hard plastic faucet.
  • Teach your child to bring the cup to his mouth and tilt it. To activate the sucking reflex, demonstrate that the stool is like a nipple by touching the tip of the stool to the roof of the mouth.
  • Give it time. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t drink right away. Wait a few days and try again.
  • There are different types of dishes with different sinks. If one doesn’t work, try another method to see if your child likes it better.
  • Start using one Sippy cup full a day. The following week, at the second meal, etc., keep your child until she drinks while chewing.
  • Be persistent. If you start giving your child drinks at a certain time (like lunch), don’t go back to a bottle during that time.
  • Encourage your child a lot: drinking from a cup means that you are an adult! Celebrate every time you use it.