iPhone X Screen Protector, [Front & Back] Black Colour Ultra-thin 0.26


iPhone X Screen Protector: A brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged item in original retail packaging.


Compatible devices:  Cellphone
Compatible Phone Models: Apple iPhone X
Material: Tempered Glass
Brand: Ultra
Special Feature: Scratch Resistant
Screen Surface Description: Smooth
Item Hardness: 9H


The package includes: 1 piece of the front screen protector, 1 piece of backside protector tempered glass 2 Pieces of wet wipe 2 pieces of dry wipe 1 and an installation kit along with the product. Toughened or tempered glass is protective glass that undergoes controlled heat or chemical treatment to increase its strength compared to ordinary glass. The temperature compresses the outer surface and compresses the interior. Such loading causes the glass to break into small pieces rather than crack and shatter like conventional glass when broken. Granular particles are less likely to cause damage. Such type of glass which is called tempered glass is four times stronger than normal glass. During production, the additional shrinkage of the inner layer creates a compressive pressure on the glass surface, which is balanced by the tensile stress in the glass body. The surface pressure of 6 mm thick fully cured glass must be at least 69 MPa (10,000 psi) or the edge pressure must be at least 67 MPa (9,700 psi). To qualify as safety glass, the surface compressive stress must exceed 100 megapascals (15,000 psi). As surface tension increases, glass breaks into small, round pieces when cracked, unlike the shards of sharp normal glass. The compressed surface tension increases the strength of the tempered glass. Glass has almost no internal stresses and often causes microscopic cracks on its surface. Stress on the glass causes cracks propagation which, when started, concentrates stress at the crack tip, causing cracks to propagate through the glass at the speed of sound. As a result, the normal glass becomes brittle and breaks into sharp, uneven pieces. The compressive load on the glass surface contains cracks that prevent them from spreading and expanding. Warp patterns caused by temperature can be observed through optical polarizers, such as polarized glasses. This makes tempered glass a more reliable and more accurate option to go for the protection of your mobile phone at a low price. It also helps your eyes to be safe while using your phone in dark places.

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